Smart Water Management – Creating Resilience to Flooding

Smart Water Management – Creating Resilience to Flooding

As climate changes and populations increase, more and more communities are challenged by increasing risk associated with flooding. The data provided from smart water management systems can change the way cities approach the issue of flooding events. The information and learning from this technology can lead to improved communications within communities, less economic impact, and enhanced public safety.  

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Smart City – Data Ownership

By better understanding what it means to have data ownership and establishing best practices in data governance we can identify standards that can be adopted by cities everywhere. Data ownership will enable cities to focus their attention on how decisions are made and how the public is engaged.

Parking Meters, Evolved

One of the most relevant tools for those interested in Smart City technology is an apparently simple one: the parking meter. The evolution of the parking meter is an important concept to understand for cities who want to proactively approach parking issues, save time and money spent on the upkeep of traditional parking meters, and make parking more efficient.

Lighting the Way to a Smart City

Smart City lighting consists of replacing standard street lights with LEDs, then connecting the LEDs to sensors which can dim lights, schedule lights, add traffic-based triggers, or add emergency response triggers and more. Lighting is one of the quickest ways to get a return on your investment, and to set the stage for a city to add further Smart City improvements in the future.

Security: IoT Expansion and Keeping Data Safe

Without proper security measures, IoT technology cannot operate successfully and could leak valuable information to malicious hands. Security will be one of the top issues regarding IoT moving forward, but there are some firms, such as Fybr, that are already taking the extra steps to ensure security with their technology.

The Rise of the Curbside

Ride-sharing apps are changing the way we view transportation, but such a large disruption in a long-standing market is bound to cause unforeseen consequences. One of these biggest concerns for cities is an increase in curbside usage.

Smart is the New Green™

Smart City solutions certainly align with green initiatives saving cities time and giving them the right tools to make critical decisions that impact the environment and make our cities better places to live and work. At Fybr, we believe Smart is the new Green™ for communities around the globe.

San Mateo County and SMC Labs Wins Big

San Mateo County is one of the top three digital counties in the United States (in the category of 500,000 to 999,999) , according to the 2018 Digital Counties Survey. "This year's winners use tech to improve government, even when the odds are stacked against them. In...