The Fybr Platform

Fybr delivers a flexible solution that includes a robust wireless network, intelligent edge-devices, scalable storage and processing of fast moving big data, a real-time machine learning infrastructure, device management tools and a full suite of applications for turning data into community insights – all designed to deliver the highest level of accuracy in real-time.


The Fybr Platform is designed to  implement secure and reliable IoT applications – reliably and in near real-time.
Our  tightly-integrated components work together to provide a fault-tolerant, battery-efficient, low-latency, high-throughput, encrypted, bi-directional communication layer that can simultaneously host multiple IoT applications – all in a timely manner.


Our entire solution has been designed to implement secure and reliable IoT applications—particularly in use cases where it may not be feasible to provide continuous line power.

Fybr’s turnkey system is designed to work in virtually any environment or power condition, while still remaining flexible enough for enterprise customization.


Security is something we take seriously and have purpose-built into every layer, providing maximum data integrity throughout the entire network. We use end-to-end encryption, unique device keys, and time-limited session keys – all with NIST-approved algorithms to ensure data security – from the edge device all the way to the Fybr Engine, creating a secure and reliable operating environment while providing a more cost-effective and efficient solution.


Machine learning and the ability to process data at the edge enables us to adapt to the environments where devices are installed – providing more flexibility and functionality than the competition.

Fybr’s machine learning environment can look at historical data across devices to learn models, and then safely send those models to devices for execution on the edge.

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