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How The Fybr Platform Works

How Fybr Works

An overview of how our system works to help make communities better places to live and work- all starting with parking.

Fybr- Dynamic and Demand-Based Pricing

Fybr - How Fair Parking Enforcement Benefits Communities

Fybr Enforce - Demo

The Fybr Platform In Action

Internet of Things & Augmented Reality - Fybr

This video shows Fybr’s parking sensors sending data in real time to an Apple ARKit based Augmented Reality app. It shows the potential of combining IoT and AR to improve everyday life.

Fybr - Connected Agriculture

Connected irrigation with the Fybr Platform.

Fybr & Amazon Alexa – AI at the Farm

This example shows how Fybr’s IoT Solutions for Enterprises can be combined with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa to create a powerful experience for end customers, in agriculture and in other industries.